Farewell to Roy | THE DAILY HERALD

The late Member of Parliament (MP) Roy Marlin’s best balancing and most challenging act was the one he had between family and politics – both were his loves, said Parliament Chairwoman and Democratic Party leader MP Sarah Wescot-Williams in tribute to Marlin at his funeral service in the Church of the Risen Christ on Saturday, May 26.

“Roy dedicated most of his life to the party and family … When Roy set his mind in politics and public service he did as he … we now have to decide how we will carry on what Roy has left behind,” she said. Many others, including former Lieutenant Governor Franklyn Richards, former Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs and MP Theo Heyliger spoke of how their lives and experiences intersected with Marlin’s. The late island councilman and commissioner of what was the Island Territory of St. Maarten, leaves to miss him his wife Vivian “Ketty” Marlin, his children, grandchildren and friends. Marlin died of a heart-related illness and was cremated.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/77032-farewell-to-roy