Faulty wiring cause of fire in Sandy Ground

MARIGOT–Faulty electrical wiring was the cause of a major fire at a building in Sandy Ground on Saturday, according to Lt. Jean Michel Brisard from the Fire Department.


The fire started at around 12:30pm at what was a no-longer-occupied former night club, bar and restaurant lining the RN7, located opposite the Suzuki dealership.

The bar and a house behind it were completely destroyed in the fire but there were no occupants in either building and no injuries reported. The buildings were constructed of wood and cement.

Lt. Brisard noted two fire engines and 11 fire-fighters responded to the blaze which took about three hours to completely extinguish.

A Sandy Ground resident indicated it was not the first time the bar had caught fire.

Source: The Daily Herald Faulty wiring cause of fire in Sandy Ground