Fernando Clark to start live daily TV show, also on radio

Programme host Fernando Clark and WTN Station Manager Dennis van Putten. 

PHILIPSBURG–Media personality and comedian Fernando Clark will be starting a new and informative live television programme “What’s Up SXM,” on TV-Carib Channel 10 on WTN Cable as of Tuesday, November 1, from 11:00am to 12:00noon. 

  The programme will also be simulcast live on SOS radio 95.5fm, and talks are being held with My88 Radio Station 88.3fm for the programme to be aired on that radio station as well. What’s Up SXM will be aired daily from Mondays to Fridays and will be accessible to WTN Cable viewers in St. Maarten, Saba, Statia, Nevis and French St. Martin (French St. Martin Cable TV Channel 35). It will be rebroadcast on TV-Caraibe channel 10 on WTN Cable following their evening news broadcasts, which runs from 8:30pm to around 8:45pm daily. The airing of What’s Up SXM will not affect TV-Caraibe’s regular airing of PJD2’s radio programme.

  Clark said since his live radio programme on PJD2 came to “an abrupt end,” many persons had been asking him when he would be back on the airwaves. He spoke to TV-Carib Station Manager Dennis van Putten about starting a talk show, which can also be aired on radio, and “What’s Up SXM” was born.

  The programme, he noted, will be primarily of an informative nature with interviews with a cross section of personalities, including government officials, the Ombudsman, Police, Prosecutor’s Office representatives, incoming ministers and the media amongst others.  

  Interviews will be conducted in the studio, as well as outside the studio. He also plans to address taboo subjects, such as same-sex marriages in an unbiased manner. There will also be an “Open Forum” session, where the public will be able to air their views on amongst other things, issues of concern. Occasionally, youths will be brought in to co-host the programme in an effort to appeal to the younger community. 

  The first programme is expected to feature two seasoned and popular television and radio programme hosts speaking about the impact of television and radio programmes on the community of St. Maarten/St. Martin over the years.

  Clark said listeners and viewers can expect him to be the same person he has always been on the airwaves. However, this new programme will be a serious one, geared to inform and educate.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/61236-fernando-clark-to-start-live-daily-tv-show-also-on-radio