Fifteen parliamentary committees installed | THE DAILY HERALD

~ MPs selected for each committee ~


PHILIPSBURG–Members of Parliament (MPs) recently established fifteen permanent and ad-hoc committees of Parliament, including one new committee – Committee for District Councils.

  After the establishment of the committees, MPs were selected for each committee.

  United People’s (UP) party MP Rolando Brison said this is the first time a coalition has elected members of opposition parties to chair some of the committees. “I am happy to see that Parliament also asked opposition members to participate in chairing and being vice-chairs of some committees. Hopefully this is a good sign as Parliament, at times when it matters most, we come together for the good of the country and put the country first,” Brison told The Daily Herald.

  The permanent committees established are the Committee for General Affairs; Committee for Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI; Committee for Justice; Committee for Finance; Committee for Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication (TEATT); Committee for Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Affairs (ECYS); Committee for Public Health, Social Development and Labour VSA; Committee for Kingdom Affairs and Inter-Parliamentary Relations (CKAIR); Committee for Petitions; Committee for Country Expenditure; Committee for Parlatino Matters; and Committee for District Councils.   

  The Ad Hoc committees are the Ad Hoc Committee for the Preparation of the Construction of a New Building for Parliament (Ad Hoc Committee New Parliament Building), Ad Hoc Committee Integrity, and Ad Hoc Committee Electoral Reform.

  National Alliance (NA) MP William Marlin will chair the VROMI Committee, while United St. Maarten Party (US Party) MP Claudius Buncamper will be the Vice-Chair.

  NA MP Rodolphe Samuel will Chair the ECYS Committee, while United People’s (UP) party MP Grisha Heyliger-Marten will serve as Vice-Chair.

  Heyliger-Marten will serve as Chair of the Justice Committee, while Marlin will serve as its Vice-Chair. Heyliger-Marten will also Chair the VSA Committee, with Party For Progress (PFP) MP Raeyhon Peterson as Vice-Chair.

  Brison will Chair the Finance Committee with NA MP Samuel serving as Vice-Chair.

  Marlin will Chair the CKAIR Committee with Heyliger-Marten serving as Vice-Chair.

  UP MP Sidharth “Cookie” Bijlani will Chair the TEATT Committee while Samuel will serve as Vice-Chair.

  Marlin will Chair the Petitions Committee, with Buncamper serving as Vice-Chair.

  Marlin will Chair the Committee for Country’s Expenditure with United Democrats (UD) MP Sarah Wescot-Williams serving as Vice-Chair.

  Marlin will chair the General Affairs Committee with Bijlani serving as Vice-Chair.

  Brison will serve as Chair of the Parlatino Committee with NA MP Christophe Emmanuel serving as Vice-Chair.

  Samuel will chair the new Committee for District Councils with UP MP Omar Ottley serving as Vice-Chair.

  As for Ad-Hoc Committees, Buncamper will serve as Chair of the New Parliament Building Committee with Marlin serving as Vice Chair.

  PFP MP Melissa Gumbs will Chair the Ad Hoc Integrity Committee with Marlin serving as Vice-Chair and Heyliger-Marten will Chair the Ad Hoc Electoral Reform Committee with Gumbs serving as Vice-Chair.

Source: The Daily Herald