Fifth body of migrant found

Some of the boat wreckage.

WILLEMSTAD–A fifth body of an apparently drowned male migrant was found at Koraal Tabak along Curaçao’s rough northeast coast Friday morning, following the four corpses that washed ashore there earlier.

  It concerned the Venezuelans trying to enter the island illegally by boat.

  Among the wreckage clothing was found that seemingly did not belong to the five deceased. This reinforces the suspicion that more people had been aboard the ill-fated vessel the victims were in, and that some of them could have landed safely.

  Two undocumented men were also detained after police learned of a suspicious vehicle at the entrance to the area, but the car could not be traced.

  The regional newspaper of Estado Falcon, a coastal province of Venezuela, wrote that families in the area have reported a total of 30 persons missing.

Source: The Daily Herald