Fighters will be banned from Carnival activities | THE DAILY HERALD


 SABA–The board of the Saba Festival Foundation has decided that the Opening Jump Up and Jouvert Morning events will be halted immediately if anyone starts a fight “or any form of argument.” The Foundation will proceed to take legal action against the person or persons for damage claims, it was added.

Saba Carnival starts on Monday, July 23 with the Opening Jump Up and ends on Sunday, July 29 with the burning of King Momo.

“Under no terms or conditions will the Board accept or tolerate any kind of fights or arguments. Together with the promoters, vendors and troupe leaders we have all invested our money into trying to make Carnival something for everyone to enjoy and under no terms are we going to allow anyone to try and destroy the events. Please consider this as a serious announcement,” Saba Festival Foundation stated in a public announcement on its Facebook page.


The Public Entity Saba also issued a public notice in which it stated that fighters would be banned from Carnival activities.

“Events and parties should be fun, but safe. In the weeks leading up to Carnival, there will be extra events on the island. Hope is that all who attend will do so in an orderly fashion. Persons caught fighting during events, parties or at bars leading up to Carnival will receive a ban from Carnival and other events. Fighting does not only endanger your safety, but also the safety of others. During Carnival, the Carnival Committee may also ban people from the Carnival Village based on fighting or other disorderly behaviour,” the Public Entity’s statement read.

Source: The Daily Herald