Fire at Daily Extra | THE DAILY HERALD

COLE BAY–Clouds of smoke swamped residents near the Cay Bay entrance on Friday evening from a fire on Daily Extra Super Market’s left side.

  Emergency officials were contacted by drivers and pedestrians passing by the business at 8:30pm.

  The owners of the business arrived and assisted firefighters by opening doors, allowing them to put out the blaze.

  The Daily Herald understands that the generator was on inside the building and had been left on for several hours.

  The smoke was quickly taken care of by the firefighters while police cleared the area of residents of the neighbourhood. The Fire Department used three fire trucks to put out the fire and made sure the entire area was safe before allowing the owners and workers to go inside and clean up.

  The Fire Department will conduct an official investigation and cautioned businesses to make sure that all electrical appliances are properly turned off before leaving their premises.

Source: The Daily Herald