Fire Department launches familiarisation programme | THE DAILY HERALD

Firefighters Angela Stephania (left) and Antonia Robins checking the condition of a fire hydrant in Golden Rock Village in St. Eustatius.
ST. EUSTATIUS–Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department BKCN has launched a rotating familiarisation programme. Bonaire’s fire chief Anthonij Gravey is currently in St. Eustatius, Statia’s local fire chief Andre Bennett is in Saba and Saba’s fire chief Julio Every is in Bonaire.

  Gravey visited Statia for the first time in 2011. He has seen “a lot of positive changes” since then. “The Statia fire department has acquired new materials and equipment, as well as upgraded personnel.”

  Comparing the fire departments in Statia and Bonaire, he said the most obvious difference is that Bonaire has more fire personnel, as well as a new building and equipment.

  “In the upcoming years, Statia will also receive a new fire station. BKCN management is currently making sure that everything is in place so that this can become a reality. Saba and Statia are on track to receive their new fire stations,” Gravey said.

  The exchange programme for the local fire chiefs is to give them new perspective and understanding of the different fire departments and to get acquainted with fire personnel and local stakeholders on all three islands in the Caribbean Netherlands. The rotation programme will run for two weeks.

  Last week, Chief Gravey directed Statia’s fire personnel to conduct maintenance checks on all fire hydrants on the island.

Source: The Daily Herald