Fire Department urges public: Be cautious during dry season | THE DAILY HERALD

Fire personnel extinguishing a bushfire at Zaken en Schaven.

ST. EUSTATIUS–The Fire Department of St. Eustatius has issued an advisory to the public to be cautious during the dry season.

“Persons really need to be careful to avoid grass fires,” Acting Fire Chief Chester Tearr said after the Fire Department was called out to put out bushfires three times in less than two weeks.

The first fire occurred in Newton Ground last week and another bushfire occurred at Zaken en Schaven on Tuesday, April 16.

Tearr said the Fire Department had been dispatched to a fire in Princess Garden around 3:00am Monday, April 15.

When the fire team arrived, the fire had already started to go out “as there was nothing much left to burn,” Tearr said.

Residents in the area had used buckets of water to prevent the fire from spreading, as the ground was very dry and the winds were high. Firefighters extinguished the remains of the fire.

No persons were hurt and no buildings were damaged by the fire, Tearr added. “It was just the debris that was there that burned out.”

The landowner had cleaned the property and some debris had been lying around for the last couple of weeks.

“At this time the cause of the fire is unknown,” Tearr said.

Source: The Daily Herald