Fire destroys five homes in Cay Bay

CAY BAY–Fire from an unknown source flattened five wooden structures in less than an hour on Thursday close to 9:30pm on Aaron Jacob’s Drive. Fire spread quickly and emergency response services rushed to the area to help families living in these homes to evacuate from the blaze.

Fire-fighters had difficulty at first to get to the fire and had to walk up to take on the fire head-on. According to police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson, no injuries were reported and the source of the fire is unknown.page9b009

A large number of onlookers stopped on Cole Bay Hill and watched as flames consumed the dwellings and continued spreading to the bushes before fire-fighters were able to put out the fire close to 1:00am.

There are many Illegal wooden structures in the Cay Bay area. Three fire trucks were on the scene in an attempt to put out the fire as soon as possible. Police officers controlled the area and evacuated persons living nearby. Huge clouds of smoke made their way towards the Simpson Bay area, causing concern for the homes and the GEBE power plant near the burn site.


Source: Daily Herald
Fire destroys five homes in Cay Bay