Fire destroys Real Auto building in Grand Case | THE DAILY HERALD

GRAND CASE–The Real Auto car dealership suffered the same consequences as the Rev Car rental depot after fire on Wednesday engulfed the entire building the two companies were sharing, Real Auto General Manager Felix Navarro disclosed on Friday.

“It was the same building with just a division between the two companies,” he clarified. “Our business is closed, but we were fortunate to get our staff, materials and about 15 cars out in time. We only had about 20 minutes to do it. It was thanks to neighbours and helpers that we were able to accomplish that and we are very grateful to them. Our cars are now being stored on the Dutch side.”

Real Auto’s headquarters is based on the Dutch side on Long Wall Road in Philipsburg.
Navarro said he is hoping to get the permits for a piece of land in the same area near the Grand Case airport where the company intends to rebuild. The land is currently being cleaned.

“We were insured with Cooper Gay on the French side and will be making a claim. But of course, we have no idea when we will be compensated for the loss,” he said.
Investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing. The Gendarmerie indicated its preliminary findings pointed to an “accidental” fire, possible started in a garbage bin.

Source: The Daily Herald