Firearm permit holders get automatic extension

PHILIPSBURG–Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman announced on Wednesday that for the Justice Ministry to facilitate the number of pending gun permit extension requests, all licensed gun holders who had submitted a request to renew their firearm licence and had not received a response as of July 5 would have their licence automatically extended until December 2017.

This will allow the administration to work on the backlog of requests, stated the minister during the live Council of Ministers press briefing. A committee will be put in place to review all requests and make recommendations to the Minister once the December time limit runs out on the licences.

Boasman stressed that those who had not requested renewal of their licences are not eligible for this automatic extension and should bring their guns to the police or face a fine or prosecution.

“We want things to be done correctly, and if you have an expired licence, bring your gun to the police and let them hold it until your request is processed next year. If police arrest you with your gun and you do not have a permit, know that you can face criminal charges or a fine,” said Boasman.

He also said the new gun policy is very restrictive and he fully supports the policy.

Persons can always pick up an application at the Justice Ministry on A.Th. Illidge Road during office hours.

Source: The Daily Herald