Firefighters paint the tombs of fallen firefighters in Statia | THE DAILY HERALD

BKCN firefighter painting a tomb at the Dutch Reformed Church cemetery.

ST. EUSTATIUS–The tombs of fallen firefighters were painted as part of Firefighter’s Week.

  Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department BKCN St. Eustatius branch firefighters painted the tombs of fallen comrades on Thursday.

  The firefighters were busy in the hot sun. The heat of the day did not deter them as they soldiered on to complete their task. Tombs at three burial grounds – the Salem, Dutch Reformed and Roman Catholic cemeteries – were given a fresh coat of paint.

  This year’s Firefighter’s Week was toned down due to the pandemic, but BKCN still wanted to do something special to show appreciation to colleagues in remembrance.



BKCN Firefighters busy painting a tomb at the Roman Catholic cemetery.

Source: The Daily Herald