First phase of world’s largest underground bike park opens

UTRECHT–Part of the world’s largest underground bicycle park opened next to Utrecht’s main railway station early on Monday morning with space for 6,000 bikes.

A further 1,500 places will be added by October, and when the second space opens next year, the park will have a total capacity of 12,500 bikes. That will make the Utrecht project the largest underground bike park in the world, the city council says.

According to the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper, Tokyo holds the current record with a bike park which has space for 9,400 bikes. In The Hague, a bike park for 8,500 two-wheelers is due to open early 2018.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment has severely underestimated the number of parking spaces for bicycles needed at Dutch railway stations, broadcaster BNR radio said on Monday.

Saskia Kluit of the cyclists’ union Fietsersbond estimates 180,000 places will be needed. “We can see already that they are being used increasingly on a daily basis… we need to take steps to solve it,” she said.

The Dutch national government and provincial and local governments must all work together, draft proper plans and make money available, Kluit said.

Source: The Daily Herald