First prize for Els Mommers at Mexico City Quilt Festival

Els Mommers with her prize-winning quilt.


SABA–Resident of Saba Els Mommers captured first prize with her entry for the International Quilt Festival in Mexico City last week. Entries had to be based on the motto: “Endemic flora and fauna Mexico.”

  Mommers selected the Mexican tree frog Eleutherodactylis grandis sitting on an enlarged banana leaf as her principal motif. She worked several months on this quilt with the result that her entry was awarded the first prize.

  While in Mexico for the World Trade Show, Mommers also organized two workshops for enthusiastic Mexicans. One workshop was devoted to quilting the national flower of the country, the dahlia.

  A Russian delegation, headed by the Consul of Russia, also showed great interest in her work. They invited Mommers to an exhibition in Moscow next year.

  The long-term resident of Saba was an art teacher at Saba Comprehensive School for 10 years. She then became the owner of El Momo folk-art store in Windwardside. Since 2008, she works in her studio on Troy Hill creating art quilts and not without success.

  Her work and her Saba landscapes in particular, are in great demand in the art-gallery Five Square Miles in Windwardside. In 2016, she won second place at the International Quilt Exposition in Beaujolais, France.

  Mommers is not the only Saban artist who performs well on the international scene. She lives next door to painter Heleen Cornet who also received a lot of international acclaim.

Source: The Daily Herald