First vigil after latest Paris attacks held on waterfront

MARIGOT–Approximately 300 persons attended a gathering on the jetty of Marina Fort Louis late Sunday afternoon to remember the victims of the latest horrific terror attacks in Paris and to reflect on violence in other parts of the world that attracts less attention.

Organised spontaneously by Séverine Sannom and Facebook page Rassemblement Citoyen pour La Paix SXM (citizens grouping together for peace), Sunday’s vigil was a carbon copy of the gathering in the same location, with drone overhead, following the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris in January, a stark reminder of just how vulnerable France is to terror attacks.

A three-minute silence was observed, a minute for each day of mourning. Participants wearing white clothing, held hands high in the air, standing in a large circle around the “Tricolour” French flag.

Some 400 typed notes in English and French were given to each attendee and read: “During three minutes of silence I invite you to feel compassion and love for the Paris victims, for those who have lost their lives here on our island, and in other parts of the world.

“Each time your mind wants to think or visualise something, try to keep feeling love and compassion. You can say to yourself these simple words: Peace, love, peace, love; or other positive words that make sense to you. If you are angry, talk to yourself and say: I don’t want more violence; I want peace in the world. Try to experiment with this; for them, for us, because we are all connected.”

“For me it was important to do something in general for peace in the world,” Séverine explained to reporters. “There are many other countries affected by violence – Kenya, Libya, etc., – and here on our own island as well. This is a peaceful and positive gathering. We must not resort to fear, hatred, anger and revenge, but continue to be optimistic, to have faith in man and the future, and to love.”

Source: The Daily Herald First vigil after latest Paris attacks held on waterfront