Five troupes registered for Statia Carnival 2018

St. Eustatius Carnival Committee held its first meeting with troupe leaders in the run-up to 2018 Carnival.

ST. EUSTATIUS–St. Eustatius Carnival Committee held its first meeting with all the troupe leaders on Wednesday. There are five troupes registered for Carnival 2018 thus far.

These are the winning troupes of last year’s parades Caribbean Tribes led by Julissa Woodley and Sharday Bennett, The Real Carnival Survivors led by Jovita Green, Caribbean Opals led by Charmaine George, Multi-mix led by Sjudi Redan and Island Gems led by Daniela Richardson, Gayle Charles and Natasha Richardson.

“We are excited about this year’s parades. It is such a great feeling to have five groups on board. I believe that folks are realizing that they are the ones who make Carnival. Without the community’s participation we cannot succeed,” said President of the Carnival Committee Teena Lopes.

The committee discussed plans for this year troupe revellers. The parades are the last legs of the Carnival line-up, but also considered the most important element.

“Many spectators look forward to this section. Our troupes are the highlight of Carnival and the best part for most people”, Lopes said. “Hence the reason why they won’t be overlooked.”

It is the Committee’s intention this year to open Carnival with the troupes in mind. There will be a T-shirt Mas Competition on the opening night, in which all troupes will participate and will be judged.

All troupes will line the streets with their creative T-shirt designs and will lead the opening of Carnival. The troupes will all wear their team colours as they jam in style to Carnival Village.

“We are counting on sponsors to assist the Carnival Committee and all stakeholders of Carnival as much as possible. Become our partner in progress. Carnival is all of us. We cannot do it on our own,” Lopes stated.

Source: The Daily Herald