Five-year-old killed in Aruba abuse case

ARUBA–The community of Aruba is shocked over the death of five-year-old Rishandro Anastacia, who was apparently killed using brute force. His three-year-old bother Roshandrick Frans also disappeared.

The dead boy’s mother and stepfather as well as the maternal grandmother have been arrested. Meanwhile, a massive search was on in the San Nicolas area for the missing toddler.
On Wednesday, the victim was admitted to Horacio Oduber Hospital (HOH) with severe injuries. He could barely breathe and doctors noticed a cerebral haemorrhage, while they also found broken ribs, unhealed fractures and numerous scars for which he was never treated at the medical facility.
The mother said Rishandro was unhappy in a playground, but the doctors saw enough evidence of abuse to call the police. The boy died Friday and there were also indications he systematically took in marijuana.
His younger sibling nicknamed “Eugene” had meanwhile vanished. The police assisted by civilians were intensely looking for him and acting Prime Minister Otmar Oduber said the Dutch marines might be asked to help.
An island-wide minute of silence is to be held Monday for Rishandroh. On Tuesday, government will establish a committee to deal with domestic violence and its connection with psychiatric problems, but also to work on a new law enforcement protocol for such cases.

Source: The Daily Herald