Five years requested for female nightclub stabber | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–The Prosecutor demanded a five-year prison sentence for a 39-year-old woman suspected of having stabbed a visitor at Lotus nightclub on April 14. In her demand, the Prosecutor also called for monetary compensation for the victim.

French St. Martin resident M.D. was charged with attempted manslaughter, as the victim was stabbed in his chest with a kitchen knife. In addition to this weapon, the woman was armed with no fewer than four other knives and a pair of scissors when she was arrested during a night out at the Simpson Bay establishment.

Video-camera images revealed that the suspect had become involved in an altercation on the dancefloor with two homosexual men who were dancing close to her. This apparently was not to her liking and she pushed one of the men, who then punched her in the face.

A fight with both men ensued, which was stopped by a security guard. While the guard held one of the men down on the floor in a stranglehold the woman stabbed the man in his chest.

According to an investigating psychologist, D. has a high level of aggression and is full of frustration and anger. However, she was considered fully accountable for her acts.

Moreover, the psychologist considered the chance of reoffending high, as the defendant is reportedly full of distrust of other persons. The psychologist recommended Parole Board supervision for the woman, whose French criminal record mentions several previous convictions for threats with violence and arms possession.

The victim, who was present during Wednesday’s court hearing, filed a claim for compensation of NAf. 10,477 for medical expenses, US $150 in lawyer’s fees and $300 for a damaged iPhone.

In dismissing self-defence, the Prosecutor found the stabbing proven. According to the Prosecutor, the well-armed woman, who apparently disliked gay men, had gone to the nightclub with the intention to cause problems. The Prosecutor also stated that the damage claim should be awarded.

Attorney-at-law Safira Ibrahim disagreed with the Prosecutor’s demand and pleaded with the court for a lesser sentence. She pointed out that her client had been struck in the face and had become involved in a fight with two men she did not know.

According to Ibrahim, her client, who she said does not have the reputation of a knife fighter, had been frightened and frustrated and had acted in self-defence, but never had the intention to inflict injury or pain.

She stated that, according to a Lotus security guard, the victim would also have caused problems at Lotus and would have been banned from entering the nightclub.

Despite his injuries the man had been spotted at different locations in Simpson Bay’s nightlife scene shortly after the stabbing, which led the lawyer to the conclusion that he had sustained only light injuries.

Ibrahim called for her client’s acquittal of murder, manslaughter and (aggravated) mistreatment charges. She cited psychological “force majeure”, which should lead to dismissal of all prosecution of her client.

The Judge will give his decision June 26.

Source: The Daily Herald