Flare gun incident at GEBE’s cable yard | THE DAILY HERALD

Remnants of the flare gun incident.

PHILIPSBURG–Utilities company NV GEBE has issued a notice about the seriousness of the crime of arson after an attempt was made at its cable yard facility around 6:30pm Tuesday, June 11.

According to GEBE, on the day in question an employee alerted management to a fire on the grounds at the cable yard facility. “Thanks to the swift action of the employee, the fire was quickly extinguished, preventing potential damage. Upon investigating the cause of the fire, the remnant of a flare was observed,” GEBE said in a press release.

“NV GEBE is urging those responsible to understand the severity of their actions. Arson is a serious crime with significant consequences. This incident could have resulted in substantial damage to NV GEBE’s assets and materials stored in the cable yard, potentially disrupting essential services. Given that NV GEBE is already addressing other critical issues, such an event could have compounded its challenges and adversely affected services to the community.

“We are grateful for the vigilance and quick response of our employee, who ensured the safety of our facility. NV GEBE is committed to maintaining a secure environment and will take all necessary measures to prevent future occurrences.”

GEBE appealed to the public to report any suspicious activities and reminded everyone of the importance of safety and security in the community.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/flare-gun-incident-at-gebe-s-cable-yard