Foundation giving back

Mark Yokoyama and Jenn Yerkes of Les Fruits De Mer with Be The Change Foundation President Melanie Choisy at their latest exhibit at the Amuseum Naturalis.

PHILIPSBURG–Be The Change Foundation continues with its mission to encourage the St. Maarten community to contribute actively to various non-profit organisations and local causes. The Foundation presented a donation to SXM Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) youth campaign in February to send young athletes from St. Maarten to the IBJFF Pan Championships to compete and represent St. Maarten. 

Be the Change gave a donation to Les Fruits De Mer’s Amuseum Naturalis in March for its educational and cultural exhibit titled “Women, People of Colour, and The Making of Natural History in The Caribbean.” The donation, made possible by the crowd-funding members who contribute each month, went towards funding this exhibit and the upcoming accompanying website.

  Be the Change donated to the Green Star Foundation’s Agri-Edu School programme in April. This programme helps school-age children, ranging from day-care to secondary schools, learn about growing their own food and the importance of living a healthier lifestyle.

  Be The Change also benefited from an Earth Day celebration on April 22 hosted by Buccaneer Beach Bar in collaboration with local organisation Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC), where new trees were planted to better serve both the environment and the community at large.

  The Foundation will continue to serve the local community of St. Maarten in the coming months in various ways, but especially by highlighting and donating to a unique organisation each month. For a list of future organisations, visit the website .


Source: The Daily Herald