Four bids received for new hospital

~ Construction starts in third quarter ~

PHILIPSBURG–The construction of a new national hospital for St. Maarten came one step closer to reality with the receipt of four bids for the first phase of plans for the building of the medical facility.

Source: The Daily Herald Four bids received for new hospital


  1. Well as long as the hospital is going to cost a fraction on the price tag TO put on it (over 100 million USD) then the tax payers are being done a service.

  2. Excellent! This is how all government projects should be conducted: via open and transparent bidding process so at the end we, the taxpayers, get the most ‘bang for our buck’.

    Instead of a causeway bridge that ends up costing over USD 100 million while it could have been built for less then half if all kickbacks and buddy-buddy deals were excluded (which a public bidding would ensure).