Four Faces of Women workshop empowers wide range of women   | THE DAILY HERALD

Sister Devki and Four Faces of Women workshop participants on March 9.

PHILIPSBURG–The Four Faces of Women workshop held at Belair Community Centre on March 9 as part of the calendar of events and activities of Womanity Fest 2019 empowered women who attended the workshop, according to organisers on Tuesday.

The workshop was facilitated by Sister Devki of Brahma Kumaris and Elektralyets Foundation, Positive Foundation and Posh Productions representatives. Opening remarks were made by Elektralyets Foundation President Mercedes Van der Waals-Wyatt and Shelly Alphonso of Positive Foundation.

The Brahma Kumaris vision of equality for women is about restoring dignity and self-respect, and creating an atmosphere where women feel safe.

The Four Faces of Women workshop handled the various phases through which women go during the passage of time, from Eternal phase, Traditional phase, Modern phase and the phase of the highest potential of a woman, the Shakti phase, according to Tuesday’s statement.

The group of women ranged from teenage girls to mature adult women.

“It was very wonderful and something new for me to give the workshop to such a diverse group. After 35 years facilitating the workshop all over the world, it was nice to hear young girls give a different perspective and be engaged and actively participate in some hot topics,” stated Sister Devki.

Representatives of various women’s groups, teachers, mothers and daughters were amongst those present and each took an active role in the workshop.

Brahma Kumaris has a branch in St. Maarten where stress-free living, anger management, meditation and positive thinking classes are all offered for free.

Van der Waals-Wyatt thanked Sister Devki for facilitating the workshop and all the women for participating.

The women were treated to snacks from Bress’ kitchen and drinks.

For more information contact Brahma Kumaris at 524-2554 or visit it on Front Street in the arcade next to the Music Man building.

Source: The Daily Herald