Four injured in Baie Rouge accident Monday morning | THE DAILY HERALD

The back of the pickup is seen wedged between waste re-cycling bins and the wall at the entrance to Baie Rouge.

MARIGOT–A vehicle accident occurred at the entrance to Baie Rouge around 2:00am Monday when the driver misjudged the bend in the road and lost control.

The Fire Brigade (pompiers) responded first to this accident which, according to the Gendarmerie, involved a “powerful, heavy, pickup vehicle” with four people on board.

“The young driver, who did not test positive for alcohol or drugs, was driving this vehicle for the first time and it seems his speed was excessive,” said Gendarmerie Commandant Lieutenant-Colonel Maxime Wintzer. “The vehicle rolled over several times. The passengers were shocked and concussed, but were able to get out of the vehicle before it burst into flames.”

The victims were transported to hospital while the pompiers extinguished the fire.

“High displacement vehicles should not be driven like city cars. In any case, there are speed limits when there are bends in the road. Ignoring speed limits is a recipe for accidents,” Wintzer said.

A similar accident occurred in the same place a few weeks ago, although neither the Gendarmes nor pompiers were called out at that time. It was thought the occupants walked away from that accident unharmed.

Source: The Daily Herald