Four royal decorations conferred on King’s Day

Governor Eugene Holiday flanked by royal decoration recipients Reverend Etton Lloyd Brissett, Dr. Pieter Jan Offringa, Shelly-Ann Alphonso and Veronica Margareth Benjamin-Oliver.


DAWN BEACH–Reverend Etton Lloyd Brissett and Dr. Pieter Jan Offringa were conferred as Knights in the Order of Oranje-Nassau in observance of King’s Day. They received their royal decorations from Governor Eugene Holiday on Tuesday evening, along with Shelly-Ann Alphonso and Veronica Margareth Benjamin-Oliver, who were decorated as Members in the Order of Oranje Nassau.

  The contributions of the four recipients has the common thread of making a difference in the lives of others, said Holiday at the ceremony held in The Westin St. Maarten Dawn Beach Resort and Spa. Recipients have been involved in ministering to the spiritual and Christian development of generations of St. Maarteners, doctoring to the needs of our children, providing a home and care for underprivileged and abandoned children and enhancement of awareness to help prevent and/or respond to breast cancer. 

  “Their committed involvement in service to our country for a significant part of their lives through their care for the spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing of others is a necessary building block for a stronger, more resilient and sustainable St. Maarten community. And as such serves as an example for all of us to become more involved, and care to make a difference in our community,” said Holiday.

  The ceremony was themed “Care Makes a Difference.”

  The Governor invited attendees to “imagine what our society would be like without the dedicated and caring services of so many professionals and volunteers – such as teachers, nurses, doctors, clergy, policemen, social workers, volunteers, environmentalists and others – who in so many different ways work to improve the quality of our lives.”  

  He added, “The care of these persons or ‘We, the people,’ is the oil that fuels our efforts and country’s progress. It is with the knowledge of and appreciation for their valued service to our community that we can look to the future with hope for the further growth of our country.”

  At the same time, he called on the community to “use their example to call on others for the necessary expansion of our circle of care. For to optimize our nations potential it is imperative that every one of us demonstrate how much we care for each other and for our community.” 

Source: Daily Herald
Four royal decorations conferred on King’s Day