Francesco Corallo no fully free man

ROME–Francesco Corallo is not a completely free man. The Italian media is reporting that the casino boss from St. Maarten is not allowed to leave his place of residence and should report to the judicial authorities on a weekly basis.

  These restrictions are imposed because, according to Italian law, Corallo can no longer be held in custody. Last week, he was flown in from St. Maarten after he was held here in preventive custody for eight months.

  Corallo was arrested in December 2016 on the request of the Italian authorities. He is suspected of having committed tax fraud, forgery and money laundering. The Prosecutor’s Office seized all his casinos, a yacht, boats, watches and a number of apartments. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, all seized assets remain confiscated until they get notification from the Italian authorities.

Source: The Daily Herald