Frans: US Party on steady growth path

CUL DE SAC–“Now with three seats, we are on a steady path of growth and we are very proud of this,” said United St. Maarten Party (US Party) leader Member of Parliament (MP) Frans Richardson about his party’s earning an additional seat in the September 26 Parliamentary election.

The blue party won two seats in its first election, in 2014. However, its second MP Leona Marlin-Romeo went independent. She contested the September 26, 2016, election with the United People’s (UP) party and did not regain her seat.
Counting the two seats from 2014, the blue party picked up its third seat thanks to the 2,796 votes received on Monday. The party earned 1,647 votes in the 2014 election.
The three seats go to Richardson, MP Silvio Matser and Chanel Brownbill. Richardson received 488 personal votes, down from 731 two years ago. Matser’s votes stand at 347, down from 498 in 2014 when he ran with UP.
Brownbill will be new to Parliament. He has skyrocketed from the 94 votes he earned with UP in 2014 to 428 votes, just 60 votes less than Richardson, a seasoned politician and a second term MP. He has done almost as well as Matser did in his first run for Parliament in 2014.
Richardson is “extremely proud” of the party and all its candidates in the election. He attributed the party’s success to “a proven record of accomplishments for the people and the party’s steadfast people-first approach. … We went into this election championing a very clear approach: show the people how you intend to improve their quality of life.”
US Party will meet as an organisation in the coming days to evaluate and plan for its future.

Source: Daily Herald
Frans: US Party on steady growth path