Fredrick Felius wins Lucky Pick jackpot | THE DAILY HERALD

Fredrick Felius displays his US $31,000 cheque at Caribbean Lottery’s office recently after winning the Lucky Pick Jackpot.

PHILIPSBURG–The Caribbean Lottery’s Lucky Pick game has always been Frederick Felius’ favourite. Of the nine games offered to Caribbean Lottery players, Felius loves Lucky Pick best, and now it has made him US $31,000 richer.

After playing one set of numbers for the last two weeks, Felius had a feeling that he was close to a win. So, he made a change to five new numbers and is now very happy that he chose them.

“I try my luck on a daily basis, and I have been playing for more than five years,” revealed Felius as he went forward to collect his prize. His persistence has finally paid off.

Caribbean Lottery Site Operations Manager Paula Williams congratulated Felius on his win. “Our Lucky Pick game is always popular,” she said. “We are very happy for Mr. Felius’ win, and trust that he will continue playing every day. Drawings are made every evening at 8:00pm, so make sure you have your ticket handy.”

Felius confessed that he was still in shock after his surprise win. Until he has figured out what to do with his winnings, he has decided to put the money in the bank, for the time being.

What advice does he have for Caribbean Lottery players? “Keep on playing!” he urges, “Don’t give up.”

Source: The Daily Herald