Freedom of expression should not turn into sedition | THE DAILY HERALD

WILLEMSTAD–The measures taken by Curaçao’s government to stem the covid19 crisis are far-reaching. This leads to many reactions among the population, including on social media.

  “We live in a free democracy in which everyone can in principle say and write what he or she wants. This fundamental right is known as the right to freedom of expression. However, there are rules when we exercise this right. One of these rules is included in Article 2:49 of the Criminal Code, where ‘sedition’ is made a penal offense,” said the Prosecutor’s Office in Willemstad.

  In brief, sedition means inciting to commit criminal acts against public authorities. Posting on Facebook to do so can therefore be classified as such.

  The prosecution wanted to point out to everyone that they have the power to charge people who make inciting statements on social media.

Source: The Daily Herald