French PM revises confinement measures effective March 24 | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT—French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe has announced strengthened measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus and save lives. Movement in St. Martin is strictly prohibited until March 31, 2020. Certain exceptions are only allowed if they are accompanied by an exemption document or a proof of business travel document. These documents are downloadable in French and English on the Facebook page or website of the Préfecture.

The only authorized outings are the following: Going to your workplace if teleworking is not possible from home; Shopping for basic necessities in local shops authorized to remain open; Going to the doctor if consultation and care cannot be done remotely; Movement for a compelling family reason for childcare or to help people who need help, i.e. visiting vulnerable people on the strict condition of respecting the hygiene barrier gestures; Going out for a maximum of one hour per day and within a radius of one kilometre of one’s home for walking/exercise or taking out the pets; Going to a judicial summons; Participating in a mission of general interest at the request of the Prefecture.

Open or covered markets are prohibited. Food stores and take-out restaurants remain open. In St. Martin shops must close at 6:00pm on Prefectoral order. To date, building and public works companies are authorised to continue work at building sites for protection in anticipation of the hurricane season and the uncertainty of storm patterns.

All gatherings are prohibited. Places of worship may remain open. All meetings within them are forbidden except for the following: funeral ceremonies in the presence of only a few relatives. No wakes and no gatherings are to be held before or after the ceremony.

Reinforced controls are put in place to check validity and truthfulness of exemption documents and supporting documents. Repeat offences may lead to detention in police custody.

Businesses allowed to stay open include financial activities and insurance, activities of labour placement agencies, activities of temporary employment agencies, hotels and similar accommodation, tourist and other short-term accommodation, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, agricultural vehicles, machinery and equipment, automotive equipment stores, rental and leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment, rental and leasing of construction machinery and equipment, rental and leasing of other machinery, equipment and property, motorcycle and bicycle shops and repair, retail sale of fuel in specialised stores, necessary farm supplies, retail pet food and supplies businesses, frozen food retailing, general food stores, superettes, supermarkets, multi-commerce stores, hypermarkets, retail fruit and vegetable shops in specialized stores, retail sale of meat and meat products in specialised stores, retail sale of fish, crustaceans and molluscs in specialised stores, retail sale of bread, pastry and confectionery in specialised stores, retail sale of beverages in specialised stores, sale by vending machines and other retail sale not in stores, other food retailing in specialised stores, food distribution by charities, retail sale of information and communication equipment in specialised stores, retail sale of computers, peripheral units and software in specialised stores, repair of computers and personal household goods, repair of computers and communication equipment, repair of computers and peripheral equipment, retail sale of telecommunications equipment in specialised stores, repair of communication equipment, retail sale of building materials, hardware, paint and glass in specialized stores, retail sale of newspapers and stationery in specialized stores, retail sale of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, electronic equipment and devices, and other tobacco products, in-store steaming, retail sale of pharmaceutical products in specialised stores, retail sale of medical and orthopedic goods in specialised stores and optical retailers.

Source: The Daily Herald