French-side hospital operation to be examined in special audit | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT–The Louis Constant Fleming Hospital has been placed under provisional administration to permit a thorough examination of its functioning over a six-month period, health agency Agence Régionale de la Santé (ARS) has disclosed.

ARS Director Valérie Denux, who was received by President Daniel Gibbs on Tuesday, explained the intensive audit into the functioning and management of the hospital had been brought about by the hospital’s six-million-euro deficit among other issues.

She added that two auditors will begin a “precise” investigation on April 8 which will last for six months, but assured that the services of the hospital will still function normally.

She furthermore revealed that the current director and assistant director had agreed to leave their posts at her request. It was not clear if they will return to their posts after the audit. In the meantime, for the purpose of the audit, a new management team will be installed.

The Director also discussed the future medical centre planned for La Savane which she hopes will come to fruition by 2022. This comprehensive medical and social facility to benefit both St. Martin and St. Barths will encompass a new senior citizen’s home and offer a range of medical services including those for the handicapped and disabled. A steering committee on this subject was installed three weeks ago.

Source: The Daily Herald