Friar’s Bay man died from natural causes | THE DAILY HERALD

The dwelling on the road to Friar’s Bay where the body was discovered. (Robert Luckock photo).

MARIGOT–The Gendarmerie indicated Monday the man who passed away in a dwelling on the road to Friar’s Bay on Thursday died of natural causes.

Because no documents or ID were found, his age could not be determined exactly, but he was thought to be in his 60s or 70s. The deceased was well known in the neighbourhood.

Residents in the area called the Gendarmerie after noticing a strong odour coming from the premises. Gaining access to the house proved to be a challenge, as it had been completely boarded up with zinc sheets and other objects.

It took seven firefighters and eight Gendarmes using a tall ladder to eventually gain entry to where they found the body. The Gendarmerie indicated rigor mortis had already set in.

Territorial Councillor and Opposition Leader Louis Mussington, who lives in Friar’s Bay, said the name of the deceased was Denis Parrotte.

Source: The Daily Herald