Friday-Illis sweeps Chamber election

PHILIPSBURG–Business-owners who voted in Friday’s St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) election overwhelmingly chose businesswoman Annuska Friday-Illis as their preferred representative.

Friday-Illis regained her seat on the Chamber’s board by capturing the seat for the two-year post and one of the two spots for the three-year post. She cannot hold both seats and has opted to serve the three-year term. This automatically passed the two-year seat to restauranteur Nikhil Kukreja.

The second seat for the three-year post went to events promoter Bertaux “Mr. Rude” Fleming. Four candidates vied for the two seats that were available on this ballot. Jeweller Deepak “Deepu” Budhrani and businessman Curtis Thomas were the other two candidates.
Friday-Illis, the only woman in the race, received 159 votes on the two-year ballot; Kukreja got 102 votes.

On the three-year ballot she received 134 votes, Fleming received 101 votes, Thomas 93 and Budhrani 91.
All of the candidates with the exception of Friday-Illis were newcomers to the Chamber elections. She joined the Chamber three years ago serving as a board member with a three-year mandate.

Source: The Daily Herald