From injuries to lunch dates, the highs and lows of a Marvel superhero

LOS ANGELES–It is not easy being a superhero.
  Just ask the cast of “Captain America: Civil War,” out in U.S. theaters on May 6, and they will regale tales of uncomfortable itches, injuries and heat exhaustion. But there are also perks to being a Marvel Avenger.No Pain, No Gain

Anthony Mackie was only allowed to perform small stunts as flying hero Falcon, but that did not save him from pain.
  “They put me up on a platform, on a pad on the ground, and they go ‘Come on Anthony, jump face first into the pad,'” Mackie bemoaned in an interview with Reuters TV. “They kept laughing at me all day until I was concussed.”
  As the Scarlet Witch, Elizabeth Olsen only had to mimic conjuring magic with her hands. But casting spells could still be dangerous business, as Jeremy Renner revealed.
  “She got an injury in her shoulder,” said Renner, who plays Hawkeye. “Everyone else is doing dives and rolls and all this stuff and she’s doing this (hand movement) and goes ‘Oh my god, my shoulder.'”Purple Paint
Paul Bettany spent hours being painted purple to become super humanoid Vision. “There’s one place on my body that I can scratch and that’s my nose so anything else is impossible. Plus, my hands are purple so I get everything purple,” he said
  As the new Avenger Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman had to wear a skintight black leather bodysuit. “Even if you’re not outside in (90-degree Fahrenheit) weather in Atlanta in the humidity, you’re still losing weight if you have it on in the air conditioning. It’s that hot,” he said.Lunch Dates
Mackie and Sebastian Stan said one perk made up for all the long hours and suit challenges: lunches with Marvel’s Iron Man himself, as played by Robert Downey Jr.
  “You want to be the girl who the quarterback invites to prom, that’s the goal everyday, and usually you just wait to see who gets in there,” Mackie said.
  The Falcon actor said lunch with Downey usually consisted of healthy, clean food. Stan, who plays the Winter Soldier, said sometimes he just hung around on set, “waiting to be invited.”
  “I did make it there one time and it’s just one of things where you go, you’re like ‘wow, I’m healthier walking out of here now than I walked in,'” he said.

Source: Daily Herald
From injuries to lunch dates, the highs and lows of a Marvel superhero