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Senoj Creations’ Stage Anguilla delivered a thought-provoking, emotional, and climatic performance of “The Vagina Monologues” – a Caribbean adaptation – in the Black Box Theatre at John Larmonie Centre on Friday and Saturday.

The packed audiences of mostly women were treated to powerful performances by an all-woman cast led by Collette Jones-Chin, who was also responsible for researching and writing new pieces for the performance. The women explored the intricacies of what it is to be a woman – the sexual, the hurt, the burden and the pleasure seeker. The “Monologues” were filled with raw emotion, spirit and the brutal truth, to which many audience members could relate or understand. Missing from the staging were not contents, but more men in the audience to help expand their knowledge on getting to know “the woman.” Conscious Lyrics Foundation (CLF) and National Institute of Arts organised the local staging in collaboration with Senoj Creations. (Rajesh Chintaman photos)

Source: The Daily Herald