Fruit boats back to their old spot | THE DAILY HERALD

A familiar sight.

 WILLEMSTAD–The Venezuelan fruit boats coming to Curaçao have moved back to Sha Caprileskade after a long wait, the spot where a “floating market” had been established for more than a hundred years.

The vendors were forced to stop coming early this year because of a trade and travel embargo against the so-called ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) imposed by the crisis-hit neighbouring South American country’s President Nicolás Maduro. He accused the Dutch Caribbean authorities of doing too little against the smuggling of goods from the mainland.

The local government then decided to renovate the quay, which has been strengthened. The vending stands were also given a completely new look, with colourful awnings and tiled counters. This not only looks better but ensures better hygiene.

The boats were able to return again after an agreement between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Venezuela in August. They were temporarily relocated to Kleine Werf, but are now back at their old spot.

Source: The Daily Herald