Fugitive Kathron Fortune placed on Interpol website

PHILIPSBURG–An international warrant has been issued for Kathron “Cuchi” Fortune. Information, including a picture, was posted on the Interpol website this week.


Interpol’s wanted list has some of the most dangerous criminals in the world. A reward of NAf. 5,000 has been made available to anyone who can provide information that would lead to Fortune’s recapture.

All departments within the Justice system have been actively searching for Fortune since his escape. Information has been coming in to the police regarding his whereabouts, but the information is still insufficient to accurately determine his location.

Fortune’s escape on February 15 has created an immense feeling of concern for the safety and security of the entire community on both sides of the island. The continued search for him has not had any positive results until now that could lead to his recapture. His escape is considered a serious crime. Any person or persons involved in helping him to avoid recapture are also committing a crime.

It has been six weeks since Fortune escaped and Justice authorities are reminding everyone that he will continue to pose a very serious threat to the island until he is recaptured and safely returned to prison. No one should underestimate this situation and feel comfortable because they believe it is not their problem. On the contrary, Fortune’s escape and running loose in the community are not only police problems, but problems for the entire community, according to police.

It is the responsibility of the entire community to assist by being vigilant and actively on the lookout for this fugitive until he is taken back into custody by authorities.

“Do not wait until Kathron ‘Cuchi’ Fortune becomes comfortable within our society and goes back to committing such criminal acts for which he was imprisoned. As a small community, we should join hands to bring safety, security and tranquillity back into our daily lives. We should not wait until a family member of yours, or any other member of our community, becomes a victim,” stated a joint press release from police and the Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday.

To report any sightings or information, call phone numbers 911, 9300 or 588-4163

Source: The Daily Herald Fugitive Kathron Fortune placed on Interpol website