Fun-filled evenings | THE DAILY HERALD

Laugh ’Til Belly Burst (LTBB) will be held under a new pavilion at Princess Port de Plaisance Resort and Casino starting today, Friday and this Saturday.

For the first time performing on island will be comedians Eve (Samantha Cate) from Anguilla and “Granny” from Trinidad and Tobago. There will be a constant verbal feud between the two ladies during the entire show about their cultures, their countries, their cooking and “why Eve stole Granny’s man” from her some 50 years ago. Comedian Sharlon Clark, son of local funny man Fernando Clark, along with comedians Slim from London, renowned funny duo Bello and Blakka from Jamaica, Crystal Ferrier from India and Allan the Entertainer from Trinidad and Tobago will also perform. All performers are on island and tickets for the show are available at United Telecommunications Service (UTS) in Philipsburg or at the door. The event kicks off at 8:00pm.

Source: The Daily Herald