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Charles Lindo

ST. EUSTATIUS–The For Your Information (FYI) radio programme has been revised from its original radio-only delivery to a combination of radio, Zoom and Facebook Live broadcasts.

  Director of Tourism in St. Eustatius Charles Lindo said he and communication specialist at the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Johnson Johnrose are co-hosting the informational programme.

  “The collaboration with the CTO, plus the additional two broadcast platforms, will extend the programme’s reach throughout the Caribbean and the rest of the world,” said Lindo.

  The FYI radio programme is now in its sixth consecutive year. The programme airs 9:15-10:15am Thursdays on PJB50 Radio Statia.

  The hosts disseminate tourism, local and other information. Events such as Mega Music Festival, Statia Carnival, Taste of the Cultures and Statia Sustainability Conference have used this platform to get their message across to the public.

  “Future programmes such as our Staycation, Good Travel Seal, Statia Dive Expo and Industry Training, just to name a few, will also be shared,” Lindo stated. He said the programme will be reaching out to experts in the sector locally and abroad to discuss topics related directly or indirectly to the tourism industry.

  “We encourage listeners and viewers to leave a comment or ask questions via the live Facebook platform, and please note that asking questions via the live radio broadcast will not be possible,” Lindo said.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. Another guy who loves his tunnel vision. He does not understand that the kind of tourists Statia is aiming at, do not use these social media or local radio. It is the same as with vaccination news. Radio and Facebook have not worked. These are not the media of the people. But as always government officials are deaf and blind.

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