Galisbay commercial port sees increase in freight movement | THE DAILY HERALD

 MARIGOT–The commercial port in Galisbay has processed some 300,000 tons of goods over the past twelve months, according to the Chamber of Commerce’s newsletter.

  “Activity is up from 20 to 30 per cent,” Port Director Albéric Ellis was quoted as saying. “It’s the effect of the reconstruction, and this growth will continue over the next few years.”

  Two projects are being studied and carried out by the port establishment: expansion of the storage area and extension of the docks (300 additional metres) of the port to absorb the increase in activity. The second project consists of the creation of a cruise pier, approximately 400 metres long, to accommodate cruise ships of medium capacity (60 to 1,200 passengers), but of a high-end clientele.

  At Grand Case Airport there has been a 16 per cent decrease in passenger traffic in 2018, or 25,362 passengers less than 2017 over the same period. But there was a 13.5per cent increase in chartered cargo, or 33,555kgs of additional goods.

  Installing beacons on the runway began in May 2018 and should be completed by the end of the year. Currently the airspace is closed 15 minutes after sunset.

  Work is expected to start on the perimeter fences at the end of 2018. Security equipment has been entrusted to the company Smith Detection which won the bid. Equipment is being installed and staff trained.

  A new hangar will be ready by the end of the year. It will house offices, the cargo area and aircraft parking. This part will be completed at the end of October.

  Management is currently discussing the establishment of an aircraft maintenance company.

  Grand Case Airport is still waiting for its insurance claims to be settled.

  The Chamber registered 517 new start-up businesses and regretted the official deregistration of 250 of them. It said the impact of the hurricane leaned in favour of business creation, prompted by an increase in creation of companies in the construction sector.

  In addition, statistics showed the modification of 531 companies, including 400 for companies registered in the commercial register. These include, among other things, changes of address, management, or dormant companies. To date, 5,874 companies are listed in the Trade Register.

  The Unemployment Office (Pôle Emploi) in St. Martin registered 5,296 job seekers as of the end of June 2018: 4,501 category A (unemployed), 545 working in the field of reduced activity (Cat. B and C), and 250 either not available, sick, or in category D (undergoing training).

  The Chamber of Commerce newsletter can be downloaded from .

Source: The Daily Herald