Gas and diesel price up as of tomorrow | THE DAILY HERALD

POND ISLAND–New per litre price increases for both gasoline and diesel on St. Maarten will take effect tomorrow, Thursday, 6:00am. Gasoline will cost two Antillean guilder cents more per litre putting the new price at NAf 2.17. It’s a one guilder cent hike for diesel with the new maximum consumer price per litre to cost NAf 1.69.

  Government, via the Ministry of Economic Affairs, has cited “ongoing developments on the international level” as the catalyst for the price increases. This is linked to “adjustments upward” for “unleaded gasoline” and gasoil (diesel).

  The old prices of NAf 2.15 per litre for gasoline and NAf 1.68 per litre for diesel remain valid at gas stations until the 6:00am change tomorrow.  

Source: The Daily Herald