Gas price up by  few cents Thurs.  | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Motorists and other users of unleaded gasoline and diesel will have to shell out a few more cents per litre when the prices at the pump change tomorrow, Thursday, 6:00am.

Although the change notice signed by Minister Stuart Johnson and issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs states there is a “decrease” the actual price columns notes increases for both types of fuel.

Unleaded gasoline will cost NAf 2.03 per litre as of Thursday, up from the current price of NAf 1.97. The change makes gasoline NAf 0.06 more per litre.

Diesel will increase by NAf 0.02 per litre with the price increase from NAf 1.56 to NAf 1.58.

Goverment sets the maximum price at which fuel wholesalers and retailers can sell petroleum products and bases price changes on prevailing market rates.

Source: The Daily Herald