Gas station robber ordered to pay dispossession claim | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Former school bus driver David Dupont (33), who was found guilty of involvement in an armed robbery of a gas station in 2018 and was sentenced by the Court to four years on April 25, 2019, was ordered by the Court on Wednesday to pay US $9,400 which he obtained as a result of the robbery.

The Court had earlier found it legally and convincingly proven that he was the armed and masked man who entered the Texaco gas station on L.B. Scott Road adjacent to the Church Hill (Carrefour) roundabout around 10:00am October 9, 2018, threatened personnel during the robbery and made away with $28,295, consisting of the proceeds of Constitution Day, October 8, and the preceding weekend.

The robber took the entire long weekend’s profit, which was already counted and ready to be picked up by the Pan-American money transport service, as well as $500 from the pockets of an elderly pump attendant.

Investigations of the video-surveillance cameras at the gas station and those at the roundabout and a nearby pharmacy led the police to identify Dupont as the main suspect.

The Prosecutor’s Office called on the Court to impose a dispossession claim for the entire amount that was stolen.

Initially, the defendant stated that he had acted on his own while committing the robbery, but after some insistence by the judge and the prosecutor, he confessed that he had committed the robbery with the aid of two other persons – one of them a scooter driver – with whom he had shared equally the proceeds of the crime. However, he did not provide the names of these two persons.

In its verdict, the Court estimated Dupont had earned $9,431.76 in the robbery, after splitting the proceeds into three equal parts. The Court then ordered Dupont to pay $9,400 to the country for the amount he illegally obtained in the robbery.

If Dupont does not pay the full amount, he will be required to spend an additional 72 days in prison.

Source: The Daily Herald