GEBE aims to increase water storage capacity | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Increasing the water storage capacity in the country will be one of utilities company GEBE’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kenrick Chittick’s priorities in the coming period.

  Prior to Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017, GEBE had sufficient water storage capacity to last the country for approximately 1½ days, but due to some of the damaged tanks still not being repaired or rebuilt, the water capacity currently stands at one day, Chittick told The Daily Herald. The goal is to increase the storage capacity to three days.

  GEBE has rebuilt or repaired a number of the damaged tanks already, but several more are still to be repaired or rebuilt. Chittick said the intention is to build new tanks and to construct larger tanks with double the capacity. Prior to Hurricane Irma GEBE had a total of 15 water storage tanks. Approximately 10, including those that were repaired, are currently functioning. Five are still out of service. 

  “We lost a number of tanks and have to rebuild our water storage tanks and work on our storage capacity,” Chittick said.

  The water storage tank at the Pointe Blanche prison is amongst those that are out of service. The roof of this one has to be replaced. The tank in Guana Bay has to be rebuilt. The ones on South Reward Hill and Pelican have been demolished and have to be reconstructed. Chittick said that with the Dutch funding for the company, the repairs should be covered.

  He stressed that the company is currently meeting the demands. “Our water demands are being met on a daily basis. There is no water shortage on the island. Everyone who consumes water can get water. At times we might have an issue if a pump breaks down or if a line is damaged, but we can supply water to the entire country,” he stressed.

  Another of Chittick’s priorities is for proper repairs to be conducted on the power plant building in Cay Bay.

Source: The Daily Herald