GEBE management team undergoes two-day training

PHILLIPSBURG–The executive management team of utilities company GEBE completed a two-day accredited management and leadership training facilitated by Training Professionals International Firm (TPI) June 19-20.

According to a press release, the managing board is committed to enhancing the executive management team’s performance levels. The management and leadership training was customised for GEBE and focused on understanding the difference between effective management and leadership, stressed the importance of effective communication amongst GEBE managers and highlighted the value of hosting regular meetings to build strong working relationships geared towards taking GEBE “to the next level,” it was stated in a press release issued by GEBE on Tuesday.

Managers were given techniques to apply their new knowledge to support their successful daily functions and job responsibilities. The training was given using videos, industry publications and team-building exercises, and introduced leadership and management approaches used globally.

“When you have managers that want to see the organisation improve like our managers, trainings provided by TPI bring added value to our vision and mission,” the managing board was quoted as saying in the release. “Ultimately, we want to maintain a positive GEBE culture for our entire organisation and we know it starts at the top right down through the organisation. GEBE knows that when our leadership is strong then our customer relations and service will be strong.”

Source: The Daily Herald