GEBE moving towards cashless system with Customer Care Card

PHILIPSBURG–Utilities company GEBE on Monday officially launched its Customer Care Department and released its Customer Care Card, as it makes steps to move towards a cashless system.

The Customer Card will contain all the relevant information clients need for their accounts at GEBE and will enable them to gain direct access to their personal accounts online. The Customer Care Department will be registering persons to the “mygebelogin” and everyone who registered with the company during the launch day, received a free gift. The card will also enable customers to win free promotional items throughout the year.

GEBE’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kenrick Chittick was amongst the first set of persons to log in on the “mygebelogin” and receive his card.

Chittick told the media at the launch that the initiative is an effort to encourage customers to use the company’s online system to receive and pay their bills online as well as to monitor their accounts. All bills will be accessible to customers, who will be able to print any of their bills at their leisure. Customers will also be able to monitor their utility usage compared to their neighbours’. Additionally, iPhone users will be able to scan the barcode on the card to automatically access GEBE’s website.

With this new system, GEBE is aiming to discontinue delivering physical bills to persons’ mailboxes and rather have the customers receive and check their bills online and reduce the long queues at GEBE. “There will no longer be any need to be in GEBE’s long lines at the end of the month to pay your bills,” reporters were told at the launch. “This will be easier for us and more convenient for the customer.”

A total of some 3,000 Customer Care Cards have been printed and more will be printed as the need arises, Customer Care Supervisor Mishlyn Stephen said.

Persons who do not have means to check their bills online can continue to visit GEBE to pay their bills. “We want to encourage persons who are more text savvy to use this system. With the seniors it is understandable, we want to get away from a cash-based environment to a more online payment,” Chittick said. The new system was already being used by some customers before its official launch on Monday.

Persons can sign up for their cards by visiting GEBE’s office. The utilities company also plans to go out into the neighbourhoods to educate persons about the system. “We plan to go to different establishments that have a lot of workers and encourage those workers to go online. Many people have cell phones and it’s easy to go online from a cell phone to get bills and easier to give better service to customers in this sense. Sooner or later this will come with an app that will make life much easier,” it was stated at the launch. “The intention is to become more preventative, once we have the information on the customer, if we notice something is going wrong with your meter we can inform you beforehand. It is a range of things coming together to help serve our customers better.”

Source: The Daily Herald