GEBE opens Simpson Bay branch office Wednesday

SIMPSON BAY–Customers of utilities company GEBE, who were waiting on the company to reopen to conduct certain transactions, can now breathe a sigh of relief.

GEBE will open its Simpson Bay branch office for limited hours as of Wednesday, September 27, from 7:45am to 1:00pm.
GEBE said in a statement that the Philipsburg branch sustained some amount of damages during the passage of Hurricane Irma, which resulted in GEBE re-organising its departments to accommodate its clients.
The Simpson Bay branch will be able to handle all customer queries, closing of accounts, new connection, payments and all other customer related requests. Customers are asked to walk with their identification for faster processing of their requests.
GEBE said its Philipsburg branch is now open for all hurricane related issues such as if water has been restored to a person’s area and their water meter has not been replaced; if power was restored in a person’s area and they are still without power and for all customers with hurricane related customer queries.
Additional information can be obtained by sending an email to: or calling tel. +1-721-546-1100, 546-1127, 546-1160 or 546-1193 or GEBE’s toll free emergency number which can be called from any cellular phone or landline at tel. +1 844 432 3213. The Simpson Bay Branch office can be reached at tel. +1 545-2259 or +1 588-0564.

Source: The Daily Herald