GEBE reviewing finances to see if any relief possible

PHILIPSBURG–Utilities company GEBE said it is reviewing its finances to determine whether it is possible to offer some form of relief to consumers in the wake of the most powerful hurricane in the Atlantic, which hammered St. Maarten on Wednesday, September 6, causing massive destruction to businesses and households in the country.

“We are now reviewing our finances. We have some outstanding debts to be paid to our vendors related to this hurricane, as well cover some (other) costs as well,” GEBE Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kenrick Chittick told The Daily Herald.
“We are reviewing our financial figures and we will see from there, based on what our financial figures look like, if we can provide relief or not.”
He said the company will have most of its figures at its disposal in another two to three weeks and will be able to make a decision at that time whether it can provide relief.
He said consumers should bear in mind that what GEBE is actively doing by providing free water to the community via various means such as outlets in some districts as well as the drinking water flowing from the reverse osmosis unit located outside the St. Maarten Festival Village is also a form of relief, although some consumers do not see it this way.
“There is a cost to this for GEBE and it’s a cost that we are carrying as well, but we are doing our utmost to provide as much as possible to the community with the least cost,” he noted.
Asked if the company were to give relief what form it would be in, Chittick responded, “That I won’t divulge right now. It is a discussion point and it will have to be presented to our Board of Directors first and probably also to the Ministry as well.”

Source: The Daily Herald