GEBE tight-lipped on decision on Temmer | THE DAILY HERALD

Merrill Temmer

PHILIPSBURG–Utilities company GEBE is tight-lipped on the decision it has taken with regard to former Chief Operations Officer (CEO) and temporary manager Merrill Temmer.

When asked late Tuesday what decision had been taken with regard to Temmer, GEBE temporary manager Troy Washington declined to comment due to privacy.

“In consideration of the privacy of current and past employees, NV GEBE does not deem it opportune to communicate with third parties, including media, regarding disputes and/or any matters of personal nature. As such, we would not be able to entertain your request below,” Washington said in response to The Daily Herald’s queries on the matter.

When asked earlier this week, Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs said government does not engage in the operational aspects of GEBE.

Temmer did not respond to a request for comment sent electronically on Tuesday evening.

The Court of First Instance, in late May, had ordered GEBE to reinstate Temmer no later than 4:30pm May 31, 2023, or to dissolve his employment contract for weighty reasons against gross payment of NAf. 457,231.82, no later than June 30, 2023. The court also ordered GEBE to pay Temmer from November 7, 2022, until the date of the legal termination of the employment contract the gross amount of NAf. 18,756.86, plus the net sum of NAf. 165 per month with 10% interest.

If GEBE were to withdraw the request for dissolution of Temmer’s labour agreement, he must be admitted to the position of information and communication technology (ICT) manager or another suitable management position, under forfeiture of penalty payments up to a maximum of NAf. 200,000.

Source: The Daily Herald