GEBE to slash fuel clause amidst coronavirus crisis | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–In an effort to help ease the burden on households during the existing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic crisis, utilities company GEBE is slashing the fuel clause on utility bills of consumers, which will lead to lower bills.

Finance Minister Ardwell Irion made the announcement during a meeting of Parliament related to the disposal of shares in United Telecommunications Services (UTS) on Monday. He was at the time responding to questions from Members of Parliament (MPs) on a stimulus package to mitigate the effects of the virus. Irion said that the utilities company will be slashing the fuel clause for the next three to six months, which is to result in a reduction in the bills of costumers. He said the announcement was supposed to have been made by VROMI Minister Christopher Wever at a press conference on Monday. However, that press conference, which had been scheduled for 3:00pm, was cancelled and notification was issued that a press release on the subject would follow. Irion said consumers should see a reduction in their bills of about 30 per cent with the lowering of the fuel clause.

Source: The Daily Herald